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We know law may not be the most interesting of subjects and can often confuse people. That's why, instead of boring you with lots of lengthy texts, we've developed our library of infographics. After all, they say a picture says a thousand words!

Stamp Duty Changes April 2016

Infographic 01/04/2016

From the 1st April 2016 Stamp Duty for Buy to Let properties or Additional Homes has changed...

Infographic: Top Ten House-Buying Wants

Infographic 14/10/2015

From a survey conducted by Santander Mortgages, the following infographic details the top ten house buying wants...

Infographic: What's in a name?

Infographic 08/09/2015

Recent analysis of car insurance claims has revealed the top 20 names associated with these claims...

Infographic: Japanese Knotweed

Infographic 18/06/2015

Warning all property owners - Do not ignore Japanese Knotweed...

Infographic: 7 things we’ve learned about FTBs in 2015

Infographic 18/06/2015

Almost half of parents in Britain think the only way their children will be able to buy their first home is with an inheritance from them.

Infographic: Over 55’s finances - the vital statistics

Infographic 19/05/2015

Over 55s should be actively planning for their retirement and these statistics show many are taking steps to do this, increasing savings and...

Infographic: Preventing Dementia

Infographic 28/04/2015

One in six people over the age of 80 have dementia and despite recent reports that US researchers have found a possible cause there is no cure...

Infographic: The Six Signs of Dementia

Infographic 10/04/2015

Dementia is a condition that usually occurs in older people (as the risk of developing dementia increases with age) and it is a group of...

Infographic: Drawing up a Digital Legacy

Infographic 20/03/2015

Eight out of ten bereaved people report difficulties managing a loved one’s online accounts after their death. Follow these steps to leave...

Top 5 PPI mis selling techniques

Infographic 22/01/2015

Payment protection insurance was mis sold by banks and lenders to customers taking out a loan, credit card or mortgage. Here's the most common ways...

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