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It’s always a good idea to have a rough indication of what a potential personal injury claim could be worth. Hey presto - our compensation calculator is here to shed a light.

Simply hover over the body area that is injured to see the average payouts then contact us to see if you could make a claim.

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Head Injuries Face Injuries Neck Injuries Body Injuries Arm Injuries Right Arm Leg Injuries Leg Injuries Leg Injuries Hand Injuries Hand Injuries Finger Injuries Finger Injuries Knee Injuries Knee Injuries Ankle Injuries Ankle Injuries Foot Injuries Foot Injuries

Face Injuries

Blindness and reduced vision Up to £265,000
Minor eye injuries Up to £5,750
Transient eye injuries Up to £2,600
Deafness Up to £72,000
Partial hearing loss/tinnitus Up to £30,000
Loss of smell Up to £21,600
Loss of taste Up to £16,400
Fracture of the nose Up to £15,200
Fracture of the cheekbones Up to £10,350
Fracture of the jaw Up to £30,000
Damage to teeth Up to £7,500

Neck Injuries

Serious neck injuries Up to £97,500
Moderate neck injuries Up to £16,400
Minor neck injuries Up to £5,150

Arm Injuries

Amputation Up to £197,000
Serious shoulder injuries Up to £31,500
Moderate shoulder injuries Up to £8,400
Minor shoulder injuries Up to £5,150
Serious arm injuries Up to £86,000
Simple fractures to forearm Up to £12,600

Body Injuries

Serious back injuries Up to £111,000
Moderate back injuries Up to £25,500
Minor back injuries Up to £8,250

Leg Injuries

Amputation Up to £185,000
Serious leg injuries Up to £36,000
Moderate leg injuries Up to £25,750
Fracture and soft tissue injurie Up to £6,000

Hand Injuries

Wrist injuries Up to £39,300
Serious damage to both hands Up to £55,500
Moderate hand injuries Up to £8,700
Minor hand injuries Up to £2,850

Finger Injuries

Serious fracture to fingers Up to £24,100
Partial loss of finger Up to £12,250
Fracture of one finger Up to £3,125
Serious thumb injuries Up to £23,000
Moderate thumb injuries Up to £8,250
Minor thumb injuries Up to £2,600

Knee Injuries

Serious knee injuries Up to £63,000
Moderate knee injuries Up to £17,500

Ankle Injuries

Serious ankle injuries Up to £32,750
Moderate ankle injuries Up to £17,500
Minor ankle injuries Up to £9,000
Achilles tendon injuries Up to £19,750

Foot Injuries

Amputation Up to £132,500
Serious foot injuries Up to £44,200
Moderate foot injuries Up to £16,400
Minor foot injuries Up to £9,000

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