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Making a Will is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. We spend our lives looking after our loved ones so why wouldn’t we want to make sure they’re protected when we’re no longer here?

Make a Will

Why make a Will?

Making a Will is, understandably, one of those things we all tend to put off. However it really is something everyone needs to do in order to:

  • Safeguard your loved ones
  • Say where your money and assets are to go
  • Save your loved ones from more stress.

Many people are under the belief that their loved ones will automatically inherit what they would have wanted or expected. However without a Will our loved ones, including partners, children and grandchildren, can be left vulnerable and unprotected.

If a person dies without a Will, their assets are inherited under the rules of intestacy. Under these rules children and grandchildren would not inherit anything if you were a) married and b) had assets that amounted to less than £250,000. This could cause potential conflict especially if you had children from a previous relationship.

Alternatively an unmarried partner has no right to an inheritance; your children, grandchildren, parents even the government would inherit your estate ahead of your partner. Their only hope would be to make a claim against your estate – which could, in reality, be a claim against their own children!

Choosing the right Will for you

Our Will writing service offers two different types of Wills:

  • A Single Will is a Will for one person who has their own individual wishes
  • Couples Wills, or Joint or Mirror Wills, are designed for couples who typically wish to leave everything to each other and the same beneficiaries.

Our experienced and qualified solicitors can help you understand which type of Will best suits your circumstances before sensitively guiding you through the writing of your Will, ensuring your loved ones are protected and provided for in exactly the way you would want.

Storing your Will

It is essential you keep your Will in a safe and secure place and inform your loved ones of its whereabouts.

At Goldsmith Williams, we offer our clients lifetime storage for their Will and all other documents including Letters of Wishes, Title Deeds, Declaration of Trust/ Trust Deeds, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Lifetime Settlement deeds/trust deeds.

Not only this, clients taking this service also benefit from:

  • Free minor updates/changes to your Will
  • A copy of your Will when you need it^

^Terms and conditions apply

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